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Which is better HP or Canon printers?

Want to know a clear perception of what to select among the two major brands? Here, when it comes to 123 hp printers setup, they are hardware devices that use inkjet and laser printing technology to execute high-quality printouts. The majority of office goers and other student/home personals are been expected with features like automatic document feed, duplex printing support, and many more. In reference to these features, you must also consider the brand of the printer prior to investing in the right model. And, this blog is to identify the best brand of printers among Canon and HP and its toughest task ever.

HP offers efficient office and home, as well as professional use. Eventually, the Canon printer has good color page yield and gives more cost-effective prints. Let’s get started with this, in the aspects of some topics.

Canon Vs. HP Printers: Output Quality

It is vitally essential to inspect the quality of text and pictures while verifying the output quality. At the same time, try out black-and-white inkjet printers if you need to print black-and-white text documents.

Try to find out high-end models if you want to print images using vibrant colors and wide paper availability. When it comes to quality printing output- both Canon & HP are best as per their models.

Canon Vs. HP Printers: Ink Replacement

Other than purchasing the printer, ink replacement will put you the most expensive part of affording a printer. Ink cartridges are generally termed a recurring cost. As per this, HP printers cost approximately two cents more per page when compare to Canon printers.

Fetching back to smart ink-compatible cartridges, which is a good idea to save money. Finally, it is cost-effective and enables users to receive the same quality for a lower price.

Canon Vs. HP Printers: Paper Handling

Canon printers have the efficiency to handle paper when compare with HP printers- because they require less maintenance, but when it comes to paper tray capacity, HP printers work much better.

At the same time, you can also obtain a paper input capacity of 225 sheets and an output capacity ranging from 60 sheets with many HP printer models. Finally, the Canon printers consist of good paper loading trays with fewer paper jams as per the stats.

Canon Vs. HP Printers: Print Speed

When it comes to speed, an inkjet printer stands for an average printing speed of around 9.8 pages/ minute. The HP printers can print an average of 9.1 pages/minute, reference to some high-end models can print give 20 PPM.

Whereas, the canon printers can be available with a speed of 8 PPM to 15 PPM. Though that’s not a big difference, it can be valued a lot while printing in the aspects of bulk.

Is HP Ink Cheaper Than Canon?

You cannot predict the cheaper among both, so, you will end up with an answer- NO. HP-colored high-yield cartridges are very much more expensive than canon inks. Some HP inks like standard cartridges are relatively just a few cents costlier, but overall prices of HP inks are comparatively higher than canon inks.

At last, an HP printer can bring a per-page cost of around 19-20 cents for colored prints. In contrast, Canon printers give a per-page cost of just 11 cents.

Is Canon Better Than HP For Photo Printing?

Canon printers are literally best at producing natural and glossy prints, but HP printers are efficient in photo printing.

Blindly, go with the 123.hp.com printers like the OJ pro 7000 series- if you get the glossy photos, whereas, for natural-looking pictures, Canon will do the best for your choice.


Generally, printers are wonders for instant work on both home and office work. Canon printers deliver better speed and paper handling. Whereas, HP printers offer high-quality printouts but are comparatively much more expensive. But, we recommended to look into the aspects of reliable and user-friendly printer models -as per needs rather than choosing who is best among HP vs Canon Printer.

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