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HP connect printer setup for Windows and Mac?

Connecting to an uninterrupted printing setup is magical- in that way, for efficient printer access, you need to arrange the printer properly using the windows or Mac system. Connect through the HP Official page/HP Manual and get the requirements to execute the hp printer setup flawlessly.

HP connect printer setup for windows?

1. Get your printer box to the ground surface and keep it on the new printer & its accessories on the flat surface or table.
2. Simply, uncover the packing materials that are present in the printer box via the sharp object.
3. Make sure you have removed all the packing materials entirely to proceed next. You have to look at the display cover securely.
4. Get supported by the Cables or USB cord to initiate the interface connection via HP Manual given. On the other hand, if it is wireless mode- get a stable network source.
5. You need to support through one end of the cable to the printer’s backside and the other end directly to the wall outlet.
6. Try to open the ink cartridge door to install ink cartridges with respect to the stated colors and eventually access the input tray to load the sufficient Premium quality paper sheets.
7. Finally, try to download & install the latest HP printer driver using the HP Official page and begin the flawless printing work. Make sure the windows settings like Printers & Scanners and attain the list of devices added.

HP connect printer setup for Mac

1. Gently, unwrap the new printer box to get the printer & its accessories outside the printer box.
2. Slowly arrange the printer accessories to the even surface or separate table close to the wall outlet to free from a problem related to connectivity.
3. Make sure you have removed all the packing materials from the printer & its accessories.
4. Get instant support from the given USB cables to connect the Mac and HP printer. Try to connect one end to the printer port and the other end to the wall outlet board.
5. Ensure and proceed using the given HP Manual and turn ON the devices to proceed with the hassle-free printing work.
6. Move on with the active printer screen and confirm the setup settings.
7. At last, try to download the latest HP driver OS that suits the Mac OS. Then, confirm the printer registration using the option- Apple icon>System Preferences>Printers& Scanners.

Still, if you need any support or assistance on HP Printer setup for windows and Mac devices- Call our 123.hp.com Technical Team.

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