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How to setup a wireless printer HP Officejet 4500?

The wireless setup can be well-organized only if you are connected using a stable network and appropriate wireless settings support. Keep the HP Officejet 4500 Printer and compatible system using the wireless configurations through various wireless methods.

Try to get instant support by specifying the proper network credentials and connect through the methods to set the connectivity mode either while the initial HP printer setup or during the end of the driver installation procedure.

How to arrange HP Printer wireless setup:

1. Keep the HP OJ Pro 4500 printer, router, and compatible system through a stable network and power connectivity.
2. Go nearby the wireless router to press the WPS button and relax until the printer responds to the setup.
3. Click the wireless setup button on the connected HP printer.
4. Choose your network from the list and instantly press the located Wi-Fi button on the printer. Now, you have to add your HP printer for the wireless process.

HP Printer Wireless for Windows

1. Try to complete the Printer’s fundamentals to interface the HP printer setup through the compatible Windows system.
2. Access through the HP printer’s control panel to pick the wireless button on it. Wait for the HP Envy 4500 printer to find the wireless setup.
3. You need to select the desired wireless network name using the list shown, and ensure the wireless wizard page.
4. Further, connect using the network credentials after choosing the desired network name.
5. Attempt to print efficiently via the HP Printer wireless setup via windows support.

HP Printer Wireless for Mac

1. After completing the HP Officejet 4500 printer setup as per your preferred Mac system, connect through the wireless configurations.
2. Connect through the active HP printer’s control panel and connect through the wireless button on it. Relax until the printer accepts the setup.
3. Locate the user’s wireless network name by picking the wireless wizard page. If needed, mention the proper Apple security ID and password.
4. Note: To avoid network issues, attempt the mentioning the network credentials properly in the field.
5. At last, start the wireless printing work through the efficient HP Printer wireless setup with Mac interface support.
You can CALL our 123.hp.com Technical support for any instant guidance on HP Printer wireless setup on your windows & Mac.

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