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How To Install Hp Deskjet 2331 Printer?

Installing HP Deskjet 2331 printer to the computer is a simple process if you follow a certain set of procedures explained here. No matter whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, here you will get the method to install HP 2331 printer on both devices.


The standard method for installing HP Deskjet 2331 printer to the computer is:
• Access the Windows device and open the section- Change device installation settings. Select the option- Yes and finish the process.
• After that, keep the computer and DJ printer near the wireless router.
• Power up the DJ 2331 printer and choose the setup menu on the control panel. Select the network setup option and choose- wireless settings. Then, select the wireless setup wizard and choose your wifi. Continue and when the wizard prompts, enter the wifi password. Finish the process.
• Then, move on to the section- Add a Printer or Scanner on the Windows device. Choose- Add a printer or scanner and wait until the device search for the printers. After that, choose your DJ printer and select- Add device. Proceed with the wizard steps and finish the 123.hp.driver setup.


The simple process for HP Deskjet 2331 printer installation on the Mac device is:
• Power up the Mac device and click on the Apple menu. Then, select- system preferences and choose- Software Update to ensure the device is up to date.
• Activate the HP 2331 printer and choose the Setup option. Then, select the network 123 HP Deskjet Printer Setup option and access the wireless settings. Go for the wireless setup wizard and tap your wifi name. Proceed, provide the wifi password and finish the process as per the on-screen steps.
• After that, click on the Apple icon and choose the System Preferences option. Then, select- Printers & Scanners. Now, click on the Plus icon and use the on-screen instructions.
• Choose the Add button and finish the process.


Install HP Deskjet 2331 printer on Windows and Mac devices without hassle using the above-explained method. If you have any queries on the method shown above, contact our 123.hp.com technical expert team.

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