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How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi?

HP Deskjet printer is compatible with wireless network setup. For this, you need a stable wifi network and computer. Making a connection between the DJ printer and wifi network is a simple process. For HP Deskjet printer wireless setup, we are explaining four methods here. You can choose the wireless setup method based on your preferences.

Method 1

Wireless Setup Wizard

The simple method for connecting the DJ printer and wifi network via wireless setup wizard is:
• Activate the Windows/Mac device and ensure it has a stable wifi network.
• ON the DJ printer and choose the setup option given on its control panel. After that, choose the network setup option and select- wireless settings. Then, choose the wireless setup wizard and a list of network names will be on the printer.
• Select your Windows/Mac device Wifi network and continue. Enter the wifi security code when the wizard pops and follow the wizard steps. Finish HP Deskjet printer wireless setup.
• Open a page on the Windows/Mac device and click on the File menu. Then, choose the Print option and adjust the print settings. Finally, click on the Print button and get the page printed.

Method 2

HP Smart App

The basic steps for making a connection between the wifi network and DJ printer via the HP Smart App are:
• Switch ON the Windows or Mac device and confirm its wifi is secure. Download the HP Smart App software on a Windows or Mac device. Then, click on the software twice and follow the on-screen procedure. Complete the HP Smart App software setup process.
• Activate Bluetooth on the Windows or Mac device. After that, if you are using the software for the first time, then sign up for a new HP account. Signing up for an HP Account will enable you to use all the functions of Deskjet printers.
• Open the HP Smart App software and click on the option- Add Printer. Now, use the wizard instructions and add your DJ printer.

Method 3

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

The steps for connecting the device wifi and DJ printer via Wi-Fi protected setup are:
• Check and ensure the DJ printer have no issue. Then, ensure the wifi router has no problem.
• Activate the DJ printer and wireless router. After that, move on to the printer WPS button and press it. Do not leave the WPS button for some time.
• Then, move on to the wireless router and press its WPS button within 2 minutes. Do not leave the WPS button until the wireless light blinks.
• Finally, ensure proper wireless connectivity setup by printing a test page.

Method 4

Wi-Fi Direct

Connecting the DJ printer and Windows device wifi using the Wi-Fi direct method is easy using the below process:
• Ensure the DJ printer paper feeder tray has compatible papers.
• Turn ON the Windows device and access the “Printers and Scanners” section.
• Choose- Add a printer or scanner and select- Show Wi-Fi Direct printers.
• Click on your DJ printer name with DIRECT and choose- Add device.
• The wizard will ask to enter the WPS PIN. Now, you have to see the DJ printer screen for the WPS Pin. Copy the WPS Pin and enter it on the computer screen. Proceed with the on-screen instructions and finish the process.
• Open a page on the computer and click on the File option. Then, choose the Print menu and make changes to the Print requirements. Finally, print the page.

Making a connection between the DJ printer and Mac device wireless network via the Wi-Fi Direct method is:
• Make sure the sheets loaded on the DJ printer paper tray are perfect.
• Switch ON the Mac device and choose the wireless icon. Then, choose your DJ printer along with DIRECT.
• If the wizard asks for the Wi-Fi Direct password, then enter it and choose- Join. Then, choose your DJ printer name from the displayed list.
• After that, open the document you need to take print and select the File option. Then, choose the Print button and click on your DJ printer. Finally, select the option- Print.


Connecting the HP Deskjet printer to the wireless network is easily possible with the above methods. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to contact our 123.hp.com customer support experts.

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