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How to connect HP Deskjet 3755 to Wi-Fi

Use the below steps to complete the proficient HP Deskjet 3755 WI-Fi setup:

1. Confirm the wireless requirements once and if everything is fine, press the Wireless icon on the HP Officejet Pro 9020e and wireless router.
2. Use the Network settings and relax until you notice the active communication on the printer through the flashlight indications.
3. Make use of the follow-on page to specify the proper Wi-Fi network name, and SSID of the wireless router.
4. Next, use the network page if prompted and mention the correct Network Password for your needed local Wi-Fi network. If you find the connection are uninterrupted, you can find the hassle-free printing output reference to the HP Officejet Pro 9020e specifications.
5. Select the file to be printed and start the efficient printer access HP Deskjet 3755 Wi-Fi setup & for support, use 123.hp.com.

Wireless Setup Wizard

1. Initially, utilize the printer that supports the configuration procedure.
2. further, you need to move on with the active printer control panel and choose the setup menu.
3. next, you need to move on with the network configuration menu>wireless setup wizard.
4. Operate via the network configuration page and mention the network credentials.
5. Check whether the network details are properly specified in their appropriate fields.
6. Finally, you are done with the HP printer wireless setup wizard setup for easy print work.

Wi-Fi setup using HP Smart App:

1. Try to interface with the desired HP printer and compatible computer. You can use 123.hp.com/setup for efficient printer setup.
2. Further, turn ON the power supply and confirm whether it is connected properly.
3. Move on with the secured web source page or App store and download the HP Smart app instantly.
4. Choose the install option and follow the directives and ensure the connection type is under wireless mode.
5. You need to register the printer via the plus sign and use the home page reference.
6. Reference the registered printer name and access the remote features like Print, Scan, and Copy.

Troubleshooting topic:

HP Printer won’t connect to wifi
1. Check for any updates, using the update the Firmware option with a stable & active network.
2. Make use of the network settings and verify whether the network is accessing properly with reference to the stated network credentials like name & password are properly mentioned.
3. Eventually, have a look at the basic connections like the printer’s input tray and ink cartridges.
4. Arrange the wireless router nearby the printer and start the uninterrupted wireless configuration process.
5. You can also try the power cycle method via HP manual support.
6. Finally, you take the Network configuration test print by pressing the wireless & information buttons simultaneously until the print works start.

If you face any issues with HP Deskjet 3755 Wi-Fi issues, you can Call Our Technical Team instantly for better assistance.

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