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How To Connect Brother Printer to Wifi?

Brother printers are perfect for printing and support wireless printing. Making a connection between the Brother printer and wifi network is an easy process. For this, you need a stable and active wireless network.

The standard method for connecting the Brother printer to the wifi network is:

• To begin with, check and ensure the printer has no problem. Then, move on to the side of the router and check the documentation. You will get the network name and password.
• Get a USB cord and ensure it has no faults. Then, connect one end of the USB cord to the Brother printer and the other end to the wall port.
• Activate the wall port and Brother printer. Now, access the printer control panel and choose the menu option. After that, choose the Network option and continue.
• Select the displayed WLAN option and choose the Setup Wizard. Continue and choose “Yes” when the wizard displays the “WLAN enable” option.
• Now, the wireless setup wizard will appear on the printer panel. The Brother printer will start searching for available wifi networks.
• Select your preferred wifi network and enter its network security code when the wizard asks. Proceed and complete the Brother printer wireless setup process.
• Move on to the Windows or Mac computer and activate it. Then, ensure the computer has no problem and accesses the properties section. Now, you will get the OS version.
• Search for the Brother printer driver compatible with the device OS version. Once you get the driver setup file, download it on the device. Double-click on the driver setup files and follow the on-screen steps. Complete the process.

Final Thoughts

Connecting the Brother printer to the wifi network is simple using the above-mentioned method. We believe that you are clear with the procedure given above. However, if you have any doubts and are unclear about any of the procedures, call our 123.hp.com tech support team. Our technical support team will help you with proper and instant guidance.

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